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REFERENCE S&I Where used….
Major university School of Business publications – Practioner Journals
California Management Review (UC-Berkeley) 3
Harvard Business Review 3
Insight (Kellogg School of Business) 3
MIT Sloan Management Review 3
Stanford Business Journal Online 3
Top 10 Consulting firms (2010 rated by Kellogg SoB – all have publications)
A.T. Kearney 0
Accenture 0
Arthur D. Little 0
Bain & Co. 0
Boston Consulting Group 0
Booz Allen & Hamilton (Strategy & Business) 2
McKinsey & Co. (McKinsey Quarterly) 2
Mercer Consulting 0
Mitchell Madison Group 0
Monitor Co. (M. Porter’s firm started in 1983) 0
Business Periodicals (a sampling of the most popular)
Connected World
Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Bloomberg Markets
Crain’s Chicago Business
Datamonitor (for fee business research)
Direct Marketing News
Economist 2
Entrepreneur 1
Fast Company 1
Financial Times 1
Forbes 2
Forester research (paid for industry studies)
Fortune 2
Gallup (paid for industry studies)
Gartner research (paid for industry studies)
Hispanic Business
Kiplinger Report
Retailers Forum
Smart Money
Wall Street Journal 2
Wired 2
Yahoo Finance  (free public financial information on businesses) 3
Peer Reviewed Publications
Business strategy review 4 Time Embargo
International journal of innovation management 4 Time Embargo
Journal of Business Strategy (the) 4 Time Embargo
Journal of change management 4 Time Embargo
Journal of internet commerce 4 Time Embargo
Journal of knowledge management 4 Time Embargo
Journal of product innovation management 4 Time Embargo
Journal of strategy and management 4 Time Embargo
Strategic change 4 Time Embargo
Strategy & leadership 4
Academy of management journal 3
Academy of management review (THE) 3
Journal of intellectual capital 3
Journal of management 3
Journal of marketing 3
Journal of marketing theory and practice 3 Time Embargo
Long range planning 3
Academy of strategic management journal 2
Journal of global business & technology 2
Technology analysis & strategic management 2
The Journal of strategic information systems 2
Business strategy and the environment 1 Time Embargo
International business review 1
International game theory review 1
Journal of business ethics 1
Journal of economics & management strategy 1
Journal of fashion marketing and management 1
Journal of forecasting 1
Journal of global marketing 1 Time Embargo
Journal of integrated marketing communications 1 Time Embargo
Journal of intellectual property 1
Journal of knowledge management practices 1
Journal of macro-marketing 1
Journal of marketing communications 1 Time Embargo
Business process management journal
Business process re-engineering journal
Employment benefits journal
Global business & organization excellence
Global business review (India)
Global competitiveness
Global environment change
Global journal of technology and optimization
Global leadership review
Global management & marketing consultancy
Global management journal
Global management review
International game theory review
International journal of advertising
International journal of business
International journal of emerging markets
International journal of emerging technologies and society
International journal of entrepreneurship
International journal of interactive mobile technologies
International journal of internet science
International journal of logistics
International journal of management
International journal of medical marketing
International journal of mobile marketing
International journal of modeling simulation
International journal of qualitative methods
International journal of technology assessment in health care
International journal of wireless & mobile networks
International management review
International marketing review
International planning studies
International review of applied economics
Journal of American planning association
Journal of business & entrepreneurship
Journal of business & industrial marketing
Journal of business and management
Journal of business and society
Journal of business case studies
Journal of business case studies and applications
Journal of business continuity & emergency planning
Journal of business finance & accounting
Journal of business forecasting methods & systems
Journal of business in developing nations
Journal of business logistics
Journal of business management
Journal of business research
Journal of business venturing
Journal of business-to-business marketing
Journal of business, society, & government
Journal of case research in business and economics
Journal of choice modeling
Journal of communications
Journal of comparative economics
Journal of comparative international management
Journal of consumer behavior
Journal of consumer marketing
Journal of consumer policy
Journal of consumer research
Journal of consumer satisfaction, dissatisfaction, and complaining behavior
Journal of creative communication
Journal of cultural economics
Journal of customer behavior
Journal of digital asset management
Journal of digital information
Journal of direct marketing
Journal of diversity management
Journal of economic development
Journal of economic development & business policy
Journal of economics & management
Journal of economics and business
Journal of emerging tends in economics and management science
Journal of employee communication management
Journal of Euro-marketing
Journal of finance & accountancy
Journal of financial management & analysis
Journal of futures studies
Journal of general management
Journal of global business & economics
Journal of global business issues
Journal of global information management
Journal of human capital
Journal of infometrics
Journal of information architecture
Journal of information management
Journal of information technology
Journal of intelligent information systems
Journal of interactive advertising
Journal of international business and economics
Journal of international business ethics
Journal of international consumer marketing
Journal of international entrepreneurship
Journal of international management
Journal of leadership, accountability & ethics
Journal of management & marketing research
Journal of management policy & practice
Journal of manufacturing processes
Journal of marketing channels
Journal of marketing research
Journal of networks
Journal of nonverbal behavior
Journal of operational risk
Journal of operations management
Journal of organization behavior
Journal of organizational culture, communication and conflict
Journal of organizational excellence
Journal of performance management
Journal of planning history
Journal of planning literature
Journal of population ageing
Journal of population economics
Journal of professional services marketing
Journal of retailing
Journal of risk
Journal of risk and uncertainty
Journal of risk model validation
Journal of science and technology
Journal of small business and entrepreneurship
Journal of strategic security
Journal of technology
Journal of technology management in China
Journal of world intellectual property
  Knowledge and information systems
Knowledge management
Marketing management journal
MIT’s technology review
Systems research and behavioral science
Technology advertising and branding report
Technology and culture
Technology business journal
Technology decisions
The business review, Cambridge
The Journal of European business
The Journal of problem solving
The Journal of product & brand management
The Journal of technology transfer

Management Science